Work Supervision at the Refugee Therapy Centre


Even fully qualified and experienced professional psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors come for a fortnightly supervision session at the Centre. However wide our general experience, working with people who have been refugees and asylum seekers requires understanding of life events which may be painfully difficult to tolerate; strange, unfamiliar, unbearable.


It is a relief, to the experienced as well as less experienced staff, to be able to recount what they have heard, consider how they responded, get over the pain and shock, and have the support they need to face the task with renewed confidence. Often supervision in a small group of three or four people who share their experiences, rather than one-to-one supervision, is most helpful.


Clearly, supervision for the less experienced and for beginners is even more carefully organised, and more frequent.


The Centre also provides clinical supervision for the other professionals who are involved with our clientele - the Bi-lingual Support Outreach Community Development workers, mentors, and other aid workers - both as a form of support and as education which may lead them to pursue further training in this field.


An opportunity for those working for other agencies or independently


The Refugee Therapy Centre welcomes opportunities to extend its supervisory facilities to other professionals and students working with refugees and asylum seekers.

Please do get in touch with us to enquire about arranging specialist, intercultural supervision, consultation or training on a one-off or regular basis.


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