Resilience Research


We at the Refugee Therapy Centre continuously strive to improve the quality of the services we deliver and consequently the outcomes of therapeutic interventions. We aim to adopt best practice and maintain a culture of innovation with specific focus on resilience while also dealing with vulnerability.


We have completed a study on resilience carried out by all workers at the Refugee Therapy Centre, led by Aida Alayarian.


This research is evidence based. This study has helped us to learn what works best and what is ineffective in providing services to refugees and asylum seekers, destitutes and others who have endured trauma.


A report of our findings will be presented in conferences and workshops and will be published in scientific journals and books. We are aiming to develop assessment tools, which will be available for dissemination.


Based on the newly gained knowledge about resilience focused intercultural therapeutic intervention, the overall aim of the study is to improve care for people who have been traumatised, particularly when other forms of interventions have failed.

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