The Refugee Therapy Centre regularly distils its learning from its clinical practice into academic publications and journals and disseminates in the form of booklets and publications. A list of booklets and publications are indicated below.


You can purchase or receive a copy of all these by conacting the RTC Centre or the publisher Karnac.  When you purchase from us, all the benefits will go to the Centre and support its services to refugees and asylum seekers.


You can also download and view a selection and, throughout the site you will also find related downloads.

RTC Publications

  • Alayarian, A. (2016). Children of Refugees - Torture, Human Rights, and Psychological Consequences. Karnac Books: London.
  • Alayarian, A. (2015). Handbook of working with children, trauma, and resilience. Karnac Books: London.
  • Alayarian, A. (2011). Trauma, torture and dissociation: A psychoanalytic view. Karnac Books: London.
  • Alayarian, A. (2008). Consequences of Denial: The Armenian Genocide. Karnac Books: London.
  • Alayarian, A. (2007) Resilience, Suffering and Creativity: The Work of the Refugee Therapy Centre. Ed. Karnac Books: London.
  • Self and Society, Vol.32, No.5, December 2004-January 2005. Special issue on 'Working with Refugees' by the Refugee Therapy Centre.

This Journal includes papers by Aida Alayarian, Dorothy Daniell, John Denford, Josephine Klein and Lennox Thomas


RTC Booklets

  • Children of Refugees and Asylum Seekers, and Unaccompanied Minors

Booklet for teachers and other professionals (available from RTC on       request, for a small contribution)

  • The Refugee Child's Experience of School

Booklet for refugee parents and others (currently available in Arabic, Amharic, English, Farsi, French, Lingala, Spanish, Somali, Tigrinia, Turkish)

  • Common Puzzling Childhood Behaviour

Booklet (forthcoming)

  • Adolescence: Behavioural Change of Adolescents

Booklet (forthcoming)

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