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The aim of the Mentoring Project is to ease the process of adaptation and integration for our clients, especially children and adolescents, in an atmosphere of trust in which clients are given full attention. Mentoring sessions are not therapy, but they do provide valuable support and a safe space for clients to discuss issues to do with adapting to their new environment, develop a trusting relationship and build confidence.


For children and young people: mentors offer support with schoolwork and other issues to do with going to a new school in a new country, such as understanding English vocabulary, culture and education system, and relating to others. This can provide teachers with somewhere they can refer children who need extra support where it is not available at school.


For adults: mentors may assist with developing English language skills through conversation, understanding official forms and letters, using computers, or studying for the citizenship exam.

Clients are seen on a one-to-one basis every week by the same mentor, and the mentors receive fortnightly supervision with a senior clinical psychologist or psychotherapist to discuss any issues they have. If there is a need identified and the Centre's resources allow, we can run group mentoring sessions, with the aim of increasing social participation.


Volunteer  mentors recruited are mostly medical students at University College London (UCL); thereby increasing future health professionals' understanding of refugees' and asylum seekers' mental health needs while helping refugee and asylum seeker adults and children now.


If you would like this kind of help or support, or know someone who might benefit from this help and support, please fill in the Mentoring Referral Form below, and post to:


Clinical Coordinator, Refugee Therapy Centre, 1A Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London N4 3RF


If you are interested in being a mentor, please fill in the Mentoring Volunteer Application Form and the Equal Opportunities Form.  See the Mentoring Volunteer Application Form for further details of what to send us.




*RTC is committed to Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults and will carry out enhanced  DBS check and full pre-employment checks of selected candidates


Mentoring Referral Form
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Mentoring Volunteer Application Form
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Equal Opportunities Form
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Mentoring Project Flyer
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