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We regret that we cannot accept any further referrals, for the foreseeable future.


Should the situation change, it will be announced on this website.


November, 2018



Referring a client to the services of the Refugee Therapy Centre can be done by writing to the Clinical Coordinator, with a completed form and other papers as detailed below.


If you have already made an assessment, or the person has had a psychiatric or social service assessment or hospital admission, it would be helpful if you include a copy of this document.


It is also important to let us know if you are making a referral to other mental health services, so we can liaise with other agencies.


Self Referrals


Those who wish to refer themselves should ask their GP, to make a referral following the above procedure.


To make a referral


Please note that we will not accept any referrals without the completed Client Referral Form


1.     Open the Client Referral Form (see bottom of this page).


Do one of the following:


Print the form, and complete clearly in ink  OR


Fill in all the boxes on the computer, and print (please do not email ! )


2.  Then prepare:


Your covering letter, on letterheaded paper.


All related documents (copies of relevant correspondence, assessment, progress and discharge reports - if any).


Medication and medical problems  - list details of any professionals involved, and any safeguarding concerns


3.  Staple all these documents together (with completed Client Referral Form on top)  and post to:


Clinical Coordinator, Refugee Therapy Centre, 1A Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London N4 3RF


Please note: Due to Data Protection Policy and Client Confidentiality, RTC does not accept ANY  query or referral regarding current or prospective clients electronically (email). Any email received with such content will be immediately deleted from our system, in line with our policy, without reply. 


What happens after referral?


We will send you an acknowledgement letter confirming that your referral has been received. We will also send the client a letter explaining that they have been referred to us by your service. The person will then be invited for an assessment where they can discuss their needs.


The assessment


The assessment will be with one of our senior therapists or counsellors, and usually takes up to 1½ hours. Sometimes, more than one appointment might be required.

The assessment will help us decide if our services are appropriate. If we think we can help, we will allocate the person to a therapist and will write inviting him/her to start therapy on a regular, weekly basis.


Where a specific language is required, the treatment may be with a bi-lingual therapist.


In special circumstances, where we do not have a senior staff member available for assessment, the first meeting will be with two co-therapists and one will act as an interpreter. We fully respect the client's decision if he or she prefers to have therapy in English (some people may prefer not to see someone from their own community and cultural background).


Keeping you informed


As a referrer, we will send you a copy of any correspondence with the client to keep you informed of our involvement. We will contact you if the client's treatment, attendance or situation requires it.




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