Board of Trustees & Management Committee

Mr Lennox Thomas

Lennox Thomas joined the RTC board since its inception in 1999. He trained in child development, clinical social work, and child and family psychotherapy at the Marlborough Day Hospital in London and in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the British Association of Psychotherapists. He worked in the Royal London Hospitals group and the London Probation Service for many years before becoming Clinical Director of NAFSIYAT Intercultural Therapy Centre, and Co-Director of the MSc Course in Intercultural Therapy at University College London. He is a consultant psychotherapist at the Refugee Therapy Centre, a training therapist and supervisor. He is a senior member of the British Psychotherapy Foundation, the Association for Family Therapy and the British Psychoanalytic Council. He was elected Honorary Fellow of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy. Influenced by his early work with children and parents in hospitals, Lennox has an interest in attachment and relational psychotherapy.


Dr Aida Alayarian


Aida Alayarian with Josephine Klein is a Co-Founder of the Refugee Therapy Centre, and served as CEO, Clinical Director until March 2017. She remains as a Trustee and Company Secretary. 

Aida Alayarian, BSc, MSc, DocSc, PhD, is a chartered consultant clinical psychologist, specialising as a paediatric psychoanalyst and child psychotherapist since 1986, and adult psychoanalytic psychotherapist since 1998. She, with Josephine Klein, is the co-founder  of the Refugee Therapy Centre.


Over three decades, Aida has worked with children, young adults and families in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural settings in the statutory and voluntary sectors. Prior to becoming Clinical Director of the Centre, she worked for seven years at London's Intercultural Therapy Centre, NAFSIYAT, managing children and family referrals, and she was Head of Therapy Services and Chair of the Panel of Foster Carers at the Childcare Co-operative.


She also worked at the Brixton Community Mental Health, South London & Maudsley NHS Trust and at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trusts. She is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and an A.Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She  sat on the executive board of the UKCP-CPJA as Treasurer for two years and as acting Chair for another two years. She is a member of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP) and has presented and chaired sessions at several international congresses of the WACP since 2006. Since 2012 she has sat as the Chair of the Special Interest Group (SIG) in Psychotherapy of the WACP.


Aida developed, and until 2017, was the Programme Leader of a four year professional training and MA course with the University of East London as well as co-director of the Professional Doctorate in Intercultural Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in partnership with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).


Aida has published extensively. Her publications have been informed by her work with asylum seekers, refugees, people who have endured torture and other forms of human rights violations. Aida's work was awarded with the Women in Public Life award in 2009; the Centre of Social Justice Award in 2010 and the London Educational Partnership in 2011.


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