In memory of Dr Josephine Klein

It is with great sadness that I must report that the co-founder of the Refugee Therapy Centre, a Trustee and a dear friend and colleague Josephine Klein, has died.


Josephine's death for me personally, and I am sure for many, leaves a heartache nothing can heal. Having felt this, her love leaves a memory that no one can steal. Josephine was one of those people who was unmistakably moral, honest, serious, friendly, kind, loving, resilient, extremely clever, speaking with no malice. She had a great ability for a sense of proportion and patience and adapted to people's limitations comfortably. She was hard-working, original, with a sensible feeling for priorities.   At RTC we often speak her name, as we have beautiful memories. Josephine was much loved and highly respected at the Refugee Therapy Centre. 


She died at home on Thursday 15th November shortly after her 92nd birthday.

I cannot find words to say how much I/we miss her. As a Co-Founder and the first volunteer supervisor and the Chair of the RTC for a few years, Josephine remained involved and later in touch with the Centre. She wanted to be aware of its activities even after her memory was letting her down. She could relate to the RTC and was proud to be a great part of its creation, always was concerned about the Centre's work to be ethical and of high standards.

 Josephine was a safe and sound person, a brilliant therapist and supervisor, academic and friend, always able to share with warmth and genuine human contact with those who came into her sphere.  She was able to see both negative and positive in people and hoped for better in most difficult situations.

Josephine will always remain unique and special in my heart as I shall not find a heart so loving and so kind, an inspiration so worthwhile, sympathy so sure, so deep, and a love so wonderful to keep. She cared deeply for people less fortunate, for homeless, for asylum seekers and refugees, for black and other ethnic minority and for gay and lesbian who may have been marginalized due to the colour of their skin, their ethnicity, their class, their sexuality and the list can go on. I think of her helping hand that was always ready to aid as she could, and her wise and positive words; her thoughts left memories that I am proud to own forever in my heart.



Dr Aida Alayarian, AF.BPsS, F.RSM, MCPJA, F.UKCP, CMIRCT

RTC Trustee & Company Secretary

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